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In the US it is referred to simply as football. Variations include Arena Football, 6-Man Football. Tennis Polo — an outdoor team sport, where players attempt to throw a tennis ball through a goal defended by a goalkeeper with a tennis racket. Available to new and existing standard BT line rental customers.

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  • Biathle — consist of swimming and running as part of a single race.
  • Roundnet — involves two teams of two, who have up to three touches to hit a ball off a small round horizontal net .
  • Relay Running — a track and field running race in which athletes compete as a team, passing a baton from one runner to the next.
  • Endurance Riding — an equestrian discipline, where riders and horses compete in races over very long distances.
  • Paleta Frontón — a wall-based racquet sport that originated in Peru.

You’re right, maybe horseback archery should be relegated to my extinct sports list too, or maybe I should create a new list of revival sports. One more to add is sjoelen – on dutch Wiki and site of Algemene Nederlandse Sjoelbond it is written about WC and Dutch Champs – Rob Admin – Is it a sport? I think this one joins the borderline sports list with other competitive table games, though I’ll probably add it to my list. Yubi Lakpi — a seven-a-side traditional football game with similarities to rugby played in Manipur, India, using a coconut. Xare — a racket sport, a form of Basque pelota, where players face each other across a net that is strung across the middle of an indoor court. Wheelchair Rugby — a full-contact indoor team sport conducted for players with disabilities.

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We will agree a date and timeslot with you for the service. If there is a delay in performing the service for reasons outside of our control then we will let you know and take steps to reduce the delay. 4G speeds vary by location, coverage and demand. 93% of calls dealt within UK and Ireland, some specialist teams are located offshore. If you do choose Big Sport, you’ll get a range of TV options to choose from. Comes as a TV and broadband package so you’ll get to choose from a range of broadband options suited for you to add onto your TV choice.

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https://avonvalehunt.co.uk/horse-riding-rules Kettlebell Lifting — a weight lifting sport performed with kettlebells, which are heavy weights that resemble a cannonball with a handle. Kendo — a form of Japanese martial art that originated from kenjutsu, using bamboo swords and armor. Kayak Football — participants in kayaks attempt to get a small soft football into the end zone.

Ski Orienteering — the objective for athletes is to navigate from the start to the finish through checkpoints while riding on skis. Ski Mountaineering — the objective is to climb up a mountain wearing skis, occasionally carrying if required, and then descend on the skis. Ski Flying — winter sport similar to ski jumping in which the skier will come down and take off from a ramp and fly the farthest possible distance. Singlestick — a martial art that uses a wooden stick, which began as a way of training sailors in the use of swords. Sailing — a sport that involves moving a boat by using the power of the wind. Running — running races can range from short sprints to ultra-marathons.

The courses are usually run over thickly wooded terrain, sometimes with large obstacles. Duckpin bowling — a type of 10-pin bowling, though with smaller balls. Disc Golf — golf using a frisbee disc, the objective is to traverse a course from start to end with the fewest number of throws.

International Fronton — played by striking a ball onto a wall with bare hands, using rules adapted from many wall ball sports. Inline Hockey — similar to ice hockey, players move around on a wooden or concrete surface wearing inline skates. Hockey Fives — a shorter and faster variant of field hockey played on a smaller field with fewer players.

She was one of the best tennis players of her generation. List of sports and games in English with example sentences, illustrated with interesting pictures. This refers to the events that consist of components upholding different sports.

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Yak Polo — a Mongolian variation of the sport Polo played on yaks instead of on horses. Whitewater Slalom — a kayaking and canoeing sport in which athletes use a kayak or canoe to navigate through a course that consists of hanging gates on river rapids. Wheelchair Basketball — basically regular basketball played on a wheelchair.

Hammer throw — a track and field event in which a heavy weight at the end of a wire is thrown for distance. Footgolf — a mix of golf and football, where players use football skills to kick a ball into holes. Flag Football — similar to American football but instead of tackling players the defensive team have to remove a flag from the ball carrier. Finswimming — an underwater swimming sport where athletes race against each other while wearing breathing apparatus. Field Handball — the original version of Handball, played outdoors on a larger field and with more players. It is also known asOutdoor HandballorGrass Handball.

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